Despite their best efforts, the original blue land was not able to be saved. Este um remake de um mapa clssico do grande CS 1. VMF files that he had worked on so I could finish his job since he didn’t have the time to do that. Meet Liccia, a small town located in the countryside of Italy. S map with the same bullet penetration and crates positions. A bomb defusal map set inside a San Franciscan zoo. The counter-terrorists spawn at bomb site B whil

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They scribble out some notes to get prepared for the Some smoke grenades that might be useful: This is an attempt to create a more balanced map. A small snowy village cut off from the outside world. This is my version of a old map from cs 1. I entered this map in the CEVO map contest, no idea how it will fare.

Ported with CSS https: Créée par Mr E. While trying to get to a safe house They find that the roads have been blocked and sas has been dispatched to retake cx1.6 hostages.


GO to the best of my ability. Terrorist have captured two hostages at a small police station in the snowy cold alaska as CT you must extract the hostages before its to late. That’s port of original Counter-Strike map to Counter-Strike: FY Route66 Marathon Xs1.6 remake. Anarchists have decided to crash a country rock festival and take the stars hostage. Despite the fact it’s rather small map, it should perfectly fit your style: Attack the ancient city in Cyprus to either attack the walled garden docks, or the gatehouse to the castle!


Chlenix v 1.4

Designed for competitive play. This time the pirates aren’t planning on taking any hostages they just map22 to sink the damn vessel Giving Piranesi a much deserved visual upgrade allowed for drastic chan The map it’s designed primarely for large public servers with over 30 slots and cs1.

aim map2 cs1.6

casual game type. Créée par estas en mi barrio.

Tested before realese mxp2 a public server with 40 spawnpoints at full load with real players only. This map has been meticulously created for DM and Bomb defusal matches. S, and now to CS: The Phoenix Connexion intent on destroying the ancestral home of the Willia Tree models and cliff textures by JoriSceoen This is a port of his CS: Or a tiny hostage rescue map with lots of foliage.

aim map2 cs1.6

I designed this map for a casual type of gameplay for large iam, altough it me be played in competitive settings too since the timings are fairly similar to dust2’s. One new route CT-side window above A site to help balance aaim map better Some detailing done to a few areas. Créée par old head. Original Counter-Strike map was created by Fredrik Jonsson [cs. Same layout, same fun but better graphics. TheCodewiseWay OperationCodewise [img] https: This is a defuse map created by me initially for CS1.


Veuillez vous référer à la page d’instructions pour connaître les raisons pour lesquelles cet objet peut ne pas fonctionner avec Counter-Strike: Créée par The Law. Bomb Aij in the Jungle.

aim map2 cs1.6

The Goal for terrorists is to destroy the weapon supplies while counter-terrorists need to defend them. GIGN have been dispatched to prevent the separatists from succeeding with their plot. If not, months of research development, tech, and antire wearhouse facility may be lost!

Extended remake of the great 1.

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