Send an email to Craig. This utility will add french-language voices to your flying experience. The first production variant of the Po series of aircraft was intended as both a heavy-fighter and fighter-controller. Accueil Aide Identifiez-vous Inscrivez-vous. There wasn’t much back then apart from Bfs and Hurricanes. Messages Sujets Recherche avancée. All the damage modelling has been improved upon as well.

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All new aircraft will require the new gauges. MAW introduces the ‘combat flight simmer’ to lots of different aircraft which were operated by twenty different air arms. Following the defeat of France, the Luftwaffe used many Pos as training and reconaissance aircraft. Some of the ships, submarines and torpedo boats are ‘drivable’ so you can get a sailor’s point of view of the action. Some Italian Nationalists continue fighting in support of Third Reich. Generic gauges and cockpit items for French aircraft.

Others are partly-finished models that I’ve helped bring to release.

Board index All times are UTC. Mediterranean Air War De tous genres. In progress but no release date yet. Incapable of operating from rough airfields, Po MAW is not just the standard collection of Spitfires, Messerschmitts and Mustangs fighting the same battles over the same landscapes.

Physically similar to the Po, it included a ventral gondola for observation.

maw cfs3

Four-engine bombers were a rarity among the world’s air forces in but France had the honour of operating 28 Farmans, most of which were the F We prefer crs3 to keep it historical though! These files are based on a variety of fuzzy pictures that I found. Important historical locations such as the Pyramids and Sphinx, Acropolis, Suez Canal, even active volcanoes appear in this brand new combat flight simulator ‘world’. Battles were withdrawn cfs combat mqw after suffering horrific losses during the Battle of France.


In one notable daytime operation, they attacked the German bridgeheads near Sedan in a dary daylight raid. Huge dust storms were an important feature in this part of the world and now virtual pilots will sometimes have to contend with dust storms just like the real airmen did.

Une fois DL, on peut même pas en faire une ,aw sur DVD à ce compte Pourtant ce mod à l’air interessant, il y a pleins de chouettes avions italiens on dirait. Blessed with respectable firepower 20mm cannon and 2 MGs plus a modest bomb load 8x 50KGBr ‘s flew sortes during the Battle of France, losing 47 of aircraft – a high casualty rate but largely due to the high-risk nature of their missions.

There is traffic on the roads – cars, trucks, military vehicles, cyclists, even horses and donkeys pulling carts and wagons on the roads. For download information, please visit my LeO Page.

maw cfs3

De plus, je ne déteste rien de plus que de lire des valeurs en pouces de mercure au lieu des mm Hg ou pièzes pour le HS12Y et PW du H75 en effet les H75 de l’AA devaient avoir pour la plupart des mano d’admission gradué en mm Hg ou pièzes. Accueil Aide Identifiez-vous Inscrivez-vous. Tout d’abord, bienvenur à toi garciarichard a écrit: The light bomber variant of the Po series of aircraft was intended primarily as an export model.

MAW/CFS3 : profile joystick – Check-Six Forums

Ma repaint expected shortly thereafter. En effet, sur ces modèles, lorsqu’on augmente la pression à l’admission, donc la puissance, le régime devrait rapidement monter, pour être ensuite stabilisé par le régulateur de régime qui modifie le calage des pales maaw obtenir le freinage nécessaire à opposer au couple moteur. Dès lors le pilotage du moteur n’est plus possible et on a l’impression d’avoir un moteur équipé d’une hélice à calage fixe genre Jodel A cfa3 sight in the late s, the MB served as France’s primary medium bomber, itself an evolution of the earlier high-wing MB Older versions available at: The Mediterranean Air War in particular has helped spur these developments, as its Chapter One features many of the same early-war aircraft that flew during BoF.


Slow, undergunned, and hideous to look at, the MB was quickly withdrawn from frontline service in although some remained in service in the overseas bases longer. Re bonjour Waroff, pourrais tu me donner les liens, pour trouver au moins le Breguet?

Le Quartier Général

Only a few of the less important types will be AI only. Naturally, these things have been improved upon but with an eye to realism more than pure ‘flash’. A csf3 of the MS, the MB lost the initial competition; the initial prototype couldn’t get off the ground!

You might be assailed by blistering desert sand storms, you will be awed by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the new kinds of clouds, realistic water and horizons. These highly detailed, original, new models will give bomber enthusiasts plenty to play around with. All the ccfs3 modelling has been improved upon as well. The aircraft list so far contains more than aircraft types and variants, most of them brand new and the majority being player flyable.

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